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There are many places the term Meraki can be used, none are more appropriate than when describing food and the passion with which a Greek Cypriot prepares and then enjoys others sharing food with them. The drive to do something well needs to be combined with passion so that it is loved and repeated. Meraki describes the act of doing something with soul, passion, love & creativity. Head Chef Steve, clearly started with Meraki which in turn now makes him a true 'Meraklis' when it comes to Cypriot & Greek food.

Meraklis Head Chef Steve started his apprenticeship at an early age at his parents restaurant Skorpios, in Phillip Lane, Tottenham. By 7 years old he was standing on a box in the kitchen to reach over and wash dishes. Clearly, you are never too young to join a cypriot family business or to have Meraki. Skorpios had an excellent reputation for its delicious & plentiful authentic cypriot food. Their T-bone Steak was infamous throughout North London for its size and amazing taste. Chef Steve progressed his way through the kitchen and consistently maintained the high standards at Skorpios for over 30 years. He then took a few years out to work in fine dining restaurants in the West End, where his passion for food and great service where quickly noted. Offers to create a restaurant to showcase his ability were numerous. Chef Steve sets extremely high goals for himself and sets the bar high for all those working with him. He will not allow anyone in his kitchen that does not have a passion for the excellent food that is served at Meraki. That passion extends to the cold dips that are made onsite using the finest ingredients, with no preservatives or artificial additives. Only the finest grade A meat is used throughout the kitchen. The finest vegetables are selected for us by Ronnie, who just happens to be just as fussy as Chef Steve when it comes to food.

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